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Entrepreneur, mom, get-shit-done kind of girl. I started The Pilates Hub because I’m passionate about movement, about helping people feel good in the body they have. I grew up in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada. Swathed in the pastel heat and subtle undulation of the desert landscape. There’s a warmth and vitality that I’ve always found calming & peaceful. And with The Hub I’ve endeavored to bring that desert energy to enliven the cool greens and languid greys of the Pacific Northwest.

And do so through movement. Physical. Emotional. Potential. 

I’m a firm believer that when you feel better in your body, you’ll be so much happier. When you understand what your body is capable of, what it’s comfortable with and how it moves and exists in the world, the rest of everything falls more cleanly into place. 

As an avid traveler and lifelong learner, my journey has been a bit of circuitous one. From dance to yoga to culinary to travel—but all the while keeping movement at the center of my being. And it is my pleasure to bring that passion to the Pilates Hub. Every day.

x Nathalia

Meet Founder

x Nathalia

Pilates hub manager and owner high fiving

i l o s o p h y

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The Hub is a safe space to come

together to create community. 

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Image by Julian Hanslmaier

THE Pilates

Counterintuitively, The Hub was born from conflict. Nathalia owned Seattle Pilates Collective for four years, until painful betrayal of trust destroyed the partnership. So, at the height of the pandemic and with a newborn in tow, she opened The Hub within weeks of closing the old space. One that is a truer reflection of her purpose.

Pale pinks. Warm mauves. Sand and sun. You’ll recognize it immediately when you walk into the Hub. It’s a warm embrace. Like coming home. 

And in this home, we’re focused on optimizing how you move. Fluidly. Functionally. You’ll notice it in every detail. Not just the colors, but the flow of the space, the hint of desert blooms, the music in the air. They’re all intentional, orchestrated to embrace you, to help drive your own exploration of the movement of your body. We always say all bodies are good bodies. And The Hub is where you can help yours realize its potential. 


Welcome to The Hub!

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