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Nathalia grew up in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada; a desert girl at heart, she is now thriving in the Pacific Northwest. As a child Nathalia was a natural entrepreneur and teacher. Her movement lineage took her from dance to yoga, and from yoga to pilates, chasing the endless creativity of physical movement.   


Nathalia's life-long passion is to create an inclusive movement community where every body can find the joy in its evolution.


As a new mom Nathalia brings a novel and modern take on what it means to belong to a studio and to practice the art of movement.


The Pilates Hub founder Nathalia Gorosh in Seattle pilates studio sitting in boho peacock

x Nathalia

Meet Founder

x Nathalia

Pilates hub manager and owner high fiving

i l o s o p h y

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The Hub is a safe space to come

together to create community. 

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Image by Julian Hanslmaier

THE Pilates

Nathalia’s desire was to create a place that allowed for a fresh and vibrant take on the practice of Pilates; where every body is welcome to move without fear of judgement, making this work achievable for all.


Here you will find joy in physical evolution as your practice is fueled by music. This is more than a studio, it is a vibrant community centered around making sure you feel supported.


Welcome to The Hub!

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